Landlords and Letting Agents

Whether you let a single residential property or have a portfolio of many properties, it is essential to understand how your UK rental income is taxed.

There are various business models like buy to let property business, furnished holiday let, granting a lease or simply letting a room in your house. Each of these models has its specific tax implications.

Deciding what costs qualify as allowable expenses or whether or not the expense is a revenue expense or a capital expense can be tricky. However, our team of qualified and experienced tax advisors can help you make the right decision. As a result, you can save tax where possible and be compliant with HMRC.

We cover all the aspects of lettings as;

  • Buy to Let Property Letting
  • Furnished Holiday Letting
  • Rent a Room
  • Commercial Letting
  • Granting a short Lease
  • Income from shooting range
  • Income from river used for fishing

In all the above cases, we can help you identify and make use of the allowable deductions and reliefs.

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